Tuesday, March 15, 2011



Body Figure Looks good ... Shapes up & slims down in a successful way”

Far Infrared Ray Slimming Lingerie not only performs a role in effectively tighten the excess fat thus it is of great help to the health of human body. Far Infrared Ray Slimming Lingerie is completely different compared with the other beauty lingerie in the past. It flattens the stomach, cinches in the waist and gives the wearer the perfect hourglass figure. It is made from fabric consist Lycra & Elastic Fibers, it is an ultra-strong elastic fabric that even if people with 40 inches waist can wears it too, and they will feel very comfortable.

The densely covered ceramics pellet spot is a distributed design according to the body part of women that easily accumulate fat. The bio ceramic magnetic powders are made from 26 kinds of special chosen ceramic with various mineral substance which imports from Japan, they can store up and emits far infrared ray once re-cooling them after heats up to 1600. They are more durable and are permanent. In fact, once a ceramic magnet is magnetized, it never needs recharging. Nor does it require an energy source to keep it magnetized.

Full Body Slimming Lingerie

FAR INFRARED RAY Bamboo Charcoal Nano Technology 2 in 1 SLIMMING LINGERIE: - includes a shaping camisole and high waist panty.

RM 150
(Market Price RM 299) 

Far Infrared Rays can improve human body’s micro-circulation system, activating water molecules, burning away excess fat, which have the function of slimming and keeping healthy.

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