Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Therapeutic Effects and Benefits
Ovine Placenta brings you unprecedented benefits. Below are some proven benefits of ovine placenta to users:

Youth and Beauty

  • Reduce signs of skin aging or epidermal problems, such as fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, freckles, dull skin tone, dryness, sagging, eye bags and dark eye circles.
  • Improves the look of the skin.
  • Enhances the development of the breasts.
  • Eliminates acne.

Blood and hormones

  • Eliminates menstrual pain.
  • Regulates menstrual periods.
  • Enchances the production of blood, treat anaemia.
  • Eliminates problem associated with menopause (45 to 65).
  • Balances the hormones.


  • Treats infertility and sterility (both male and female).
  • Stops nausea and vomitting during pregnancy.
  • Treats influenza and the common cold every during pregnancy.
  • Stimulates the production of milk in mothers.
  • Speed up recovery during give birth.

Male Disease

  • Increase sperm production.
  • Treats Impotence.
  • Improves sexual responsiveness.

General health

  • Enhances the normal growth of babies.
  • Helps sick children improves their ability to fight disease.
  • Eliminates fatique.

Injures and tissue damage

  • Stimulates the regeneration of cells and tissues.
  • Speeds up the healing of wounds.
  • Speeds up recovery after surgery.
  • Speeds up recovery after an illness.

The nervous system

  • Regulates and normalizes the autonomic nervous system.
  • Treats neurasthenia.
  • Eliminates the inflammation of nerves.


  • Eliminates asthma.
  • Suppresses cough and mucus.
  • Treats tuberculosis.
  • Eliminates liver problems.
  • Reduces the harmful effects of radiation.
  • Eliminates rheumatoid arthritis

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